Bematech and TOTVS: by thinking together, we do better

Companies unite to bring market expertise and a specialized portfolio to the Retail technology revolution

The merge between Bematech and TOTVS is based on one important goal: providing excellent service for their clients. With the approval from The Brazilian Administrative Council of Economic Defense (CADE), the two players now form the largest and most complete retail business solution provider in Brazil. The retail sector is one of the largest in the Brazilian economy, accounting for more than 50% of the 4.6 million businesses in Brazil, according to the Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics (IBGE).

In order for retail companies to boost their competitiveness, they must increase their productivity and efficiency– an initiative that is only possible by digitizing their business. “This is a challenging year for Brazilian business. With the current state of the economy, the need to increase efficiency, competitiveness, productivity and reduce costs, is intensified. Technology is a decisive factor in order to reach these objectives. With the merge between Bematech and TOTVS, we can now offer a complete solution for digitizing all retail processes that brings together in-depth market knowledge, the latest technology, and all offered at a low price” comments Rodrigo Kede, the CEO of TOTVS.

The merger will allow Bematech and TOTVS to provide solutions for the entire retail chain, combining market expertise and complimentary solutions. TOTVS is the leader of software management in Latin America and for small to medium sized businesses. Bematech, the leader in technology for retail businesses, has a distribution network that covers over 500,000 points of sale. In Brazil, they provide retail solutions for 50% of businesses using automated, digital checkout services.

The two companies together will provide solutions for both physical and e-commerce stores, in addition to their specialized solutions in diverse retail sub-segments: food services, supermarkets, wholesale, dressing rooms, footwear, store magazines, construction materials, pharmacies, hospitality, car dealerships, and passenger transport. “With discipline and planning, we will design a new strategy for working together. We are going to analyze all of our products and services with the objective of giving our clients the best options for retail business solutions,” comments Kede.

For the CEO of Bematech, Cleber Morais, the approval of the merge with TOTVS accomplishes their mission to offer increasingly efficient retail solutions for their clients. “Both of our companies have extensive knowledge in the field. Retail businesses will benefit the most from the merger, since they will now have solutions based on their needs. By digitizing retail processes, we believe we’ll help make this sector even stronger, in a country where it is highly valued”, highlights Morais. The objective is to increase efficiency by providing solutions that cover all retail business needs, guaranteeing integration, legislation help and consistent technology updates.


With the merge between TOTVS and Bematech, retail businesses now have one company to look to for a solution that will cover all of their needs. In just a few clicks, they can have a completely integrated and accessible solution.



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