TOTVS AMPLIS positioned as one of the biggest/ largest software written in Java™

TOTVS Investment Funds Management (AMPLIS) is written in JAVA ™. At that moment end user may ask: what is the relevance of that?

First, Java is a high level programming language object-oriented – OO (analysis model, design and software programming based on the composition and interaction between different software units called objects) and a development platform. Second, because it is currently the language most used in the world, you can develop for any operating system – due to the interaction of various communities (Java Comunity Process) and companies and also has a wide range of frameworks.

To be aware of the importance and acceptance platform in Brazil, for example, most banks use Java technology to build their home banking, which are accessed by thousands of users daily.

An important highlight of the Java ™ is the simplicity of monitoring changes in Software Metrics to mainly assess adherence to its architecture throughout its development, understanding the current state of software, evaluation of duplicate codes in design, unit testing, coding rules, code complexity, among others.

This care is a benefit realized during the software life cycle, allowing less effort and cost of change and maintenance, increased application longevity to have mapped the technical debt, and cherish for a high technical standard.

Sonar ( is an open source platform used by development teams to monitor the quality of the available form of software code, for comparison we can see in the infographic below, the name of the project and the number of code lines. It is possible to see AMPLIS ranks among the largest ones with 673,950 lines written in the Java ™ platform. Sonar takes into account several types of programming language in the count.

Comparativo AMPLIS x outros SW escritos em Java


Cool, isn´t it?

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