Bematech and TOTVS: by thinking together, we do better

Companies unite to bring market expertise and a specialized portfolio to the Retail technology revolution

TOTVS AMPLIS positioned as one of the biggest/ largest software written in Java™

TOTVS Investment Funds Management (AMPLIS) is written in JAVA ™. At that moment end user may ask: what is the relevance of that? First, Java is a high level programming language object-oriented – OO (analysis model, design and software programming

6 Misconceptions of the Cloud, by Roman Stanek, CEO of GoodData

Cloud–the least helpful word in the history of IT. I’ve always believed that the word “cloud” was a misnomer. It implies an environment that is uncontrollable, nebulous, wide open–meaning insecure as in, “Who left the door open to the jewelry

A shared vision, one year later: TOTVS and GoodData

It’s been just over a year since TOTVS announced its investment in GoodData, a leading U.S.-based provider of cloud-based big data analytics and applications. But maybe “investment” isn’t the right word. Call it a strategic alliance — or even better,

How to be an entrepeneur even inside your company

Identity Management meets Big Data

Fluig Identity is a new service for businesses that combines a cloud-based identity management system with big data to unleash new talent management capabilities. The cloud-based offering provides companies with the ability to combine social media and enterprise data to build